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.::PKMN-Armonia App-Remy Brookes::. by HamAndDonuts .::PKMN-Armonia App-Remy Brookes::. by HamAndDonuts
New character for :iconpkmn-armonia:
Sadly I'mma hafta replace Jenna U vU;; she's just not working for me anymore. BUT now we have this dork so hopefully all is well o/
EDIT: And she's in ouo/ Amity best be read

Application to the Armonia Institute

Name: Remy Brookes
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Chespin
Birthday: April 1
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 110 (underweight)
[Nature: Naughty]
Ability: BulletProof [Hidden Ability]
Hometown: Fallabor Town

:bulletgreen: Personality: Remy is rude, snarky and all around not very pleasant to be around. She carries a very holier than thou air around her although she's very well versed in hiding her true personality behind polite mannerisms. She's almost always wearing a smile, whether it's truly happy, patronizing or what is what's a mystery sometimes. Remy actually has a really long fuse though, it takes quite a bit to get her even a little angry, despite her uncanny ability to grind other people's gears with just the right words and just the right tone. She enjoys playing devil's advocate, getting into arguments for the fun of it. There is a soft spot to this girl though. She won't pick on anyone she doesn't think can fend for themselves and will actually stand up for them if need be. But for the most part she's rather unfriendly albeit her charismastic disposition.

:bulletgreen:History: [Written as her dad would] Remy was born in Fallabor. She has one other younger brother, Jayden and no other siblings. Her childhood was normal for a child born in town. She helped her mother cook and work in the garden. When she begun to grow up, however, she begun to change as any kid does. Remy didn't quite change for the better though. She started to act out in school, back talk authority figures and act all around nasty. Her friends starting having to avoid her to avoid trouble, which didn't even make Remy rethink her decisions. Rather, she just hung around people that acted like her as well. We put her in extracurricular things like softball and dancing to try and get rid of her excess energy but nothing worked. With few options left we signed Remy up for a military boarding school, which may have been a mistake really.

    The first day seemed like it'd be okay, Remy only complained a little in he beginning. But just a week later, we got calls home about her talking back like before. The sergeants  talked like they had it all under control and put us back to peace of mind. However, that wasn't to last long either. About a month and a half later we had gotten a call that our daughter was no where to be found. Her mother and I drove all over the vicinity of the school until the principal told us they would handle the search from there. As we entered the door there was Remy, covered in mud and scratches and clearly upset. She had went AWOL, hitchhiked and walked all the way home. The three of us got into a fight over it only stop midway because Jay had woken up. The next week Remy had completely disregarded our existence, only acknowledging her mother when she apologized. So it was obviously surprising when Remy approached both of us one night with a brochure to a new school. 

Please, I'm begging you. PLEASE take this girl.

[Summary characteristic:Thoroughly cunning]

Hobbies: Cooking, softball, she still dances every now and again
:icongrasstypeplz:Vine Whip
:icongrasstypeplz:Wood Hammer
:icongroundtypeplz:Mud Shot
:iconnormaltypeplz:Take Down

Favorite berry flavor: Spicy

School Schedule:
• History
• Battle
• Math (II)
• Writing
• Science

• Gym
• Home Economics
• Survival

Club: Dance

Extras/Fun Facts:
-she's very critical of she cooks so if she doesn't like it she'll just throw it out
-really fond of kids, she acts a total 180 of her usual self around them, she's actually nice???
-acts the same around rather timid people too
-her hood is actually the chespin helmet, it hardens and softens like the needles
-plays the harmonica and the banjo
-she likes to prank
-the only time remy shouldn't be smiling is if she's genuinely upset or dead, neither of which happen much
-the whole app, save for the nature and summary characteristic and extras are 'written' by her dad
-Remy really only requested to be sent to Armonia because it's far away from her parents
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bellberrystar Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
I like her!! 
Oranguin Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
HamAndDonuts Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yes chespins are great anD THANK YOUUU <3
Oranguin Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
DrDoomy Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh you turned her into a Chespin I see. XD She looks great ff~
HamAndDonuts Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
pffff yup yup :'D it was just a doodle at first and just kinda happened- and thank ;; V ;;
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